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Acupressure Natural Stone Slippers

Acupressure Natural Stone Slippers

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Ergonomic Design: The surface Decorated with Natural Cobblestone Stone, in Special position, will accurately massage your feet acupuncture points; Adjustable shoe surface, you can choose the right Instep heights. Wooden middle shoe sole, it is lightweight and environmental.

Adjustable Size: Our acupuncture slippers come with effortless-to-adjust velcro straps. You can alter the width of our foot massager for plantar fasciitis, ensure they fit comfortably on your feet.

Function: Designed to relieve foot/heel pain and tension caused by arthritis, neuropathy and other diseases, refresh aching, painful, and plantar fasciitis feet, and promote better blood flow to enhance overall health.

Application: Wearing these massage slippers, you will feel cool and comfortable in summer; and feel warm in winter. It will lift your spirits, wash in the morning; relieve stress at work, and improve your productivity at office.

Wearing recommendations: Due to different tolerance to massage force, it is normal if you feel a little bit pain when wearing for the first time, you will get used to and enjoy the massage after wearing a couple of times. It is recommended you wear at your own pace until you get used to them. If your feet are sensitive, it may also help to wear socks with them at first. Wearing slippers are similar to receiving reflexology treatment, which occurs continuously while walking, standing or sitting.

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