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Dish Drying RACK

Dish Drying RACK

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If you don’t have a dishwasher or prefer to wash certain kitchen items by hand, you'll need a dish drying rack.

You can use the plastic rack for placing washed utensils, as the presence of a well-designed slanting surface at the bottom allows quick water drainage from the washed utensils. The Plastic Dish Drainer & Rack makes a suitable choice for compact kitchens, and also in offices for file and stationery organisation. Specifically designed for organising & placing washed utensils and cutlery properly, which keeps the kitchen well-equipped and clean. 

Using Benifits:

✅Easy to Clean: Sturdy and durable for everyday use.

✅Efficient Drying: Using a dish rack drainer allows the dishes to dry quickly and efficiently as they are exposed to air, preventing the formation of watermarks.

✅Space Saving: A dish rack drainer is designed to fit perfectly in most kitchens, making it an excellent space-saving solution for small kitchens.

✅Hygiene: A dish rack drainer helps to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic, as it allows the dishes to dry without touching the countertop, which could harbor bacteria.

✅Organization: Using a dish rack drainer ensures that your dishes are well-organized and easily accessible, making it easier to put them away after they are dry.

✅Cost-Effective: A dish rack drainer is an affordable and cost-effective solution for drying dishes, as it eliminates the need for disposable paper towels or cloth towels.

✅Durability: This dish rack drainer is made from high-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting.


➡️Made using high-quality, durable plastic.
➡️Equipped with a portable spoon, fork and knife holder.
➡️Consists of a storage basket for storing and arranging just washed utensils.
➡️Provision of a slanting surface at the bottom for quick water drainage from washed utensils into the sink, keeping the kitchen clean and dry.
➡️Can also be used to store not so frequently used utensils, keeping your kitchen clutter-free, clean, and well-equipped.
➡️Can also be used in offices and workspaces for file and stationery organization.

Package Included :1 x Dish Rack, 1 x Draining Tray, 1 x Knife and Fork Holder

Type: Other
Net Contents: Pack Of 1
Material: Plastic
Country of Origin: INDIA

Color: Pink/Blue/Green 

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